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This is Crazy!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in music, news | 0 comments

Oh my gosh, God is just too good! Since I have last updated you, my new song Classics is being played on 99.5 wzpl, I have been on wish TV and my song was number 63 for the Indianapolis downloads chart! But wait the most exciting thing is yet to come… Kelly Taylor and the Beez Kneez is opening for Hanson and Hot Chelle Rae for 99.5′s Jingle Jam!!!! Yes!! I said Hanson! I’m sure you remember…. mid 90′s, long hair, Mmbop…ring any bells? We are playing at the...

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Sand Piles, and My One Stop Tour

Posted by on Sep 10, 2011 in music, news | 0 comments

My dearest loyal readers (or not loyal, i don’t mind, just thank you for reading), I hope all of you have heard by now the new song i posted about 2 months ago called Fallin’. Its the one about my pile of sand. The whole thing is one big analogy. I think I’m so cool because I have built this big pile of sand on the beach. I’m thinking “Heck, yeah! Look what I did!” But its not until I step back and see the whole beach that I realize how petty and temporary my...

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Let’s Start With The Basics

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Hey! This is so cool.. I’m a blogger! This blog will mostly be for updating everyone while I pursue a career in music. I should go ahead and mention now that I have a Facebook artist page, and were you to go “like” the page, I would be eternally grateful. A few essential things you need to know: I go to Heritage Christian (located in Indianapolis, IN) I am a religious watcher of Parks and Recreation I’m a strong fan Indian Food, especially from the restaurant...

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