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Friday Night Blogging

Posted by on Mar 23, 2012 in music, news | 2 comments

Starting today.
Right now.
At 10:55 on this lovely friday evening.
(yes, I am blogging on a friday night… it’s fine)

I am going to start blogging to keep you all updated much more frequently. Why, you may ask? Because without all of you lovely people, my musical festivities would no longer be festive! I wouldn’t get super excited when I write a new song because I would have no one to listen to it! So. Friends. I am simply thrilled to be able to now frequently update you on this new lovely website, whether it be shows, videos, or the current color of my nail polish:) Yay cyber communication!

Oh! Btdubs. I am playing at this awesome event tomorrow at Decatur Central High school….. you are totally invited. Get tix here:

The smiley has extra chins for extra happy.



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  1. abelle

    how do you just keep getting to be more and more official. ps…there is absolutely nothingg wrong with blogging on a friday night ;] you will learn. <3

  2. J-Nizzle

    sweet jams, K-dog.

    C U at Decatur, Cuz

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