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Sand Piles, and My One Stop Tour

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My dearest loyal readers (or not loyal, i don’t mind, just thank you for reading),

I hope all of you have heard by now the new song i posted about 2 months ago called Fallin’. Its the one about my pile of sand.

The whole thing is one big analogy.

I think I’m so cool because I have built this big pile of sand on the beach. I’m thinking “Heck, yeah! Look what I did!” But its not until I step back and see the whole beach that I realize how petty and temporary my pile of sand is compared to the scene in it’s entirety.

The warm breathtaking sun slowly turning from yellow to orange as it begins to hide behind the sea. The thin pink clouds dancing across the sky. The ocean that stretches further than I can see or comprehend. The soft sound of the waves that wash in and out on the shore. And the sand. The million tiny grains of sand that gather in one place to make a beach that goes on for miles. A gentle breeze brushes my “so called big pile of sand” away.

I finally realize then, that everything I have is a gift. I did nothing to earn or deserve this gift of music, but it was given to me. If I keep it for myself, and leave the one who gave it to me out of the picture, I will only be a part of things that are temporary and small. But if I use what I have for Him, and completely give back, I can be apart of something that is beautiful, breathtaking, and eternal. He can use me to show more people that a pile of sand will never be enough.

In other news:

I went to Boise Idaho and played in the street market there. It was my one stop tour.Playing in the street was…. exactly like it sounds. Super awkward setting up and opening the guitar case hoping people will be generous. And then… well… just playing, no mic & no amp.

To my surprise my biggest audience was toddlers, the occasional old man, and middle aged woman. Now i’m not complaining, Ill play for any one who will stop and listen, I was thrilled that I even got a few to stop! All together it was one of the most fun experiences! I actually got to talk to people as they walked by.

People are so nice! It was incredible that complete strangers were nice enough to throw in a couple bucks or even come and start a conversation! Although some of my company may have been because i had lollipops on my table, I still consider it an accomplishment!

School has started and there are so many things that are new and exciting in regards to the music.
I will tell you one thing though, my new song classics is completely ready and you all will be hearing it very very soon!

Keep checking for updates and stop by at my show on the 17th! Come say hi afterwards! Hope you all have a day filled with love, laughter, and fun things!

Yours Truly,


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